News Impact Academy

The News Impact Academy connects, supports and develops digital innovators in European newsrooms and start-ups.

What is the News Impact Academy?

Organised by the European Journalism Centre, and powered by the Google News Lab, this series of one-day workshops offers participants the opportunity to learn techniques for defining new revenue models, building digital products and creating sustainable business initiatives. The goal is to nurture leadership skills in digital innovators by connecting them with other innovators and giving them the tools to scale their ideas, wherever they work.

This new initiative will run alongside the 2017 News Impact Summit series, furthering collaboration, the sharing of ideas and professional development. Each Academy meeting will bring together approximately 20 selected participants from different newsrooms and backgrounds. In the 2017 News Impact series we will visit five European cities, namely Rome, Hamburg, Budapest, Manchester and Brussels. 

Key benefits for participants:

Why you should attend the News Impact Academy:

  • Meet and learn from leading global innovators
  • Learn how other industries approach innovation
  • Discover and master design methodologies that solve everyday challenges
  • Develop leadership skills to help you get things done in your team
  • Get free resources to bring back to the newsroom
  • Receive snapshots and tips from each Academy meeting throughout the year

Key benefits for organisations:

Individuals who attend the News Impact Academy will develop skills that accelerate innovation in any newsroom. How it benefits your organisation:

  • Professional development motivates and retains staff
  • Builds capacity in your organisation to test new ideas quickly
  • Brings new critical perspectives for product development
  • Creates innovation evangelists without needing to restructure
  • “Levels-up” promising leaders without costing the earth
  • Develops connections and business opportunities

How does it work?

The Academy is a one-day meeting for approximately 20 selected digital innovators from European newsrooms and start-ups. The programme offers:

  • Hands-on workshop on how to apply design methodologies in the newsroom
  • Sessions to define newsroom challenges and ideate solutions
  • AMAs and ignite talks with top innovation leaders
  • Networking dinner to connect with fellow digital innovators

Want to take part in the News Impact Academy?

The News Impact Academy will be back next year with a new series, stay tuned for all the updates.

Application Procedure:

Due to the limited number of spots, the applicant is asked to fill in an application form in order to be considered for the Academy meeting. The organisers will select the participants on the basis of the application form, and the session focus of the Academy meeting according to the location.


Meet our participants

Kat Downs Mulder

The Washington Post

Christina Elmer

Spiegel Online

Aron Pilhofer

Temple University

Esther Alonso

Adam Javůrek

Czech Radio

Anu Ubaud

Helsingin Sanomat

Ben Whitelaw

The Times & The Sunday Times

Stay tuned for news on the 2018 Series