András Pethő

Co-Founder & Editor, Direkt36


Co-Founder & Editor



András spent much of his 14-year-long journalism career at Origo, with some longer stints abroad. He worked for 15 months for the BBC World Service and did two journalism fellowships in the United States. In 2013 he spent 8 months with the investigative unit of The Washington Post where he learned data-mining and reporting methods from some of the world’s best journalists. He was given two times the Soma Award, the prestigious annual award dedicated to investigative journalism in Hungary. He also received the Quality Journalism Award three times. As Direkt36’s editor and reporter, his focus is corruption and public spending. He is especially interested in the links between politics and business, the activities of influential people in this often grey zone.

11 September 2017

Methods and Tools for Digital Journalism