Elisabeth Pfneisl

Head of Content Planning, Quo Vadis Veritas Redaktions GmbH


Elisabeth Pfneisl is a TV-Journalist, Content Planner and University Lecturer.

As Head of Content Planning, Elisabeth organizes the newsroom of Quo Vadis Veritas Redaktions GmbH, a non-profit company that operates as a research and media platform, with a focus on high quality journalism. QVV operates entirely independently and aims to retrieve facts as a base for qualified political discussion, the results are published on the news website Addendum, on TV and in a newspaper.

Elisabeth’s principal tasks are the organisation and coordination of workflows, personnel planning, project management and participation in building up technical structures (MAM, NRCS, planning tools). In her career, Elisabeth has managed several projects, such as building up national and international TV productions or the development of new structures in existing media companies. As a journalist, she also produced a large number of TV documentaries, TV segments and articles both for online media and newspapers.

Since 2015, Elisabeth teaches at the Institute of Journalism and Media Management at the University of Applied Sciences Vienna.