Tabea Grzeszyk

Co-founder & CEO, Hostwriter


Co-founder & CEO



Tabea Grzeszyk is co-founder and CEO at, an open network that helps journalists to collaborate across borders. Today, more than 3,3K colleagues from 125+ countries are using Hostwriter as a launchpad for collaboration and exchange. Grzeszyk started her journalistic career in 2009 at the German National Radio (Deutschlandfunk Kultur), where she was part of a team of managers on duty of the daily six-hour live show „Radiofeuilleton“. She has a background in Culture Studies and has researched how cross-border investigations can drive diversity when reporters with different backgrounds collaborate on eye-level. Grzeszyk is a former external lecturer of International Journalism at Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts and continues to train journalists in the method of cross-border collaboration.