Mite Kuzevski

Founder, Vidi Vaka Media


Mite Kuzevski is Executive Director of the Foundation for debate and education IDEA Southeast Europe and Founder of VidiVaka, a medium that provides the digital generation who get their news on mobile devices and social networks with video content that is tailored for online consumption, credible, easy to digest, and saves time to get key information.

Mite's educational background is in journalism, but he has spent the last decade combining new and traditional media. He has been working as a consultant for communication and social media strategies for many international NGOs and companies.

He created the New Media Center, the first NGO in Macedonia that promotes the use of new media. Also, he created, a community website for twitter users from Macedonia; and Hashstats, a website for visualising data and creating infographics from specifics twitter hashtag.

He provides training in Digital Storytelling and Mobile Journalism to journalists in Macedonia and elsewhere in the world, and he also offers Digital Activism training to NGOs and activists around the world.