Laurens Vreekamp

Google News Lab Teaching Fellow, The Google News Initative

The Google News Initative

Google News Lab Teaching Fellow



Laurens Vreekamp is the Google News Lab Teaching Fellow for the Netherlands, Belgium and The Nordics, and is a News Lab Innovation Sprint facilitator for newsrooms and publishers in these regions. Before joining Google, Laurens did design research with multiple Dutch news organisations (RTL Nieuws,, FD, Het Parool) as a Fellow of the 'Journalism Research Group' at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU). He taught UX & Journalism classes, worked with Dutch National Public Broadcasters innovation teams and has directed a live-radioshow called 'Nacht van het Goede Leven' (Night of the Good Life) on National Public Radio 1. He graduated as European Media Master of Arts in 2003.