Thomas Seifert

Dept. Editor in Chief, Wiener Zeitung

Wiener Zeitung

Dept. Editor in Chief



Thomas Seifert is dept. editor in Chief of the Austrian daily newspaper „Wiener Zeitung“, published in Vienna since 1703. He has filed stories from New York in the aftermath of 9-11 and crossed the border to Afghanistan on 10-11 where he reported the fall of the Taliban from Kabul. Seifert reported the war in Iraq from Baghdad in March/April 1999 and celebrated his 35th Birthday on April 9, 2003 on Firdous Square, as Saddam Husseins statue fell. 

At “Wiener Zeitung” he has been responsible for developing new forms of digital storytelling, in 2016 he produced (together with VRisch) a VR-Report on the plight of Syrian refugees in Lebanon. 2017 he was involved in “escape velocity”, another VR-experience dealing with the issue of refugees. He has also been working on so called “scroll stories” (a “Wiener Zeitung” longform rich-media digital format) and has worked on a number of video-projects.