Eliza Anyangwe

Founder / Community organiser, The Nzinga Effect / The Bureau Local

The Nzinga Effect / The Bureau Local

Founder / Community organiser



Eliza Anyangwe is a Cameroon-born, London-based freelance writer and editor, and founder of The Nzinga Effect. In 2008 Eliza joined The Guardian after a short stint working for international NGOs. Before going freelance in November 2014, she ran the Global Development Professionals Network, a Guardian community for humanitarians and aid workers. As a freelancer, Eliza continues to work for The Guardian, and has written or appeared on broadcast programmes for CNN International, BBC World Service, and TRT World. The Nzinga Effect is a media project focusing on the stories of women across Africa and the diaspora.

Eliza is currently working part-time as a community organiser at The Bureau Local, developing strategies with Rachel Hamada to increase various communities of interest and expertise in local investigative journalism.

3 December 2018

Journalism Reloaded: the Network Effect