Louis Jebb

Founder & CEO, Immersiv.ly


Founder & CEO



Louis Jebb is the founder and CEO of Immersiv.ly, a London-based start-up that makes editorial content in virtual reality. He is also co-founder of ImmersiveIP, which has developed Svhere, a platform for news content in VR, with prototype backing from Google Digital News Initiative, for launch in Q4 2017.

Jebb is an ambassador for Journalism 360, an initiative of thought leaders, practitioners, and journalists dedicated to accelerating immersive storytelling in news, with backing from Google News Lab, the Knight Foundation and Online News Association. Journalism 360 announced its first innovation awards in July 2017.

Jebb was previously a journalist and media consultant, and was the consultant editor behind the successful launch of i newspaper, in London, in 2010-11.

4 December 2017

A Year is a Long Time in Politics