Karen van Dijk

Editor, VPRO


Karen van Dijk works for the Dutch Public Broadcaster VPRO since 2011. She studied journalism in Utrecht. In 2011 she started working at VPRO as an intern for the TV-show Metropolis and since January this year she is back working as editor for the same program. In between she worked on several online and TV-projects as editor, researcher and director with topics varying from art to porn and design to failure. She was editor in chief at VPRO Dorst, the development platform for new TV-talent, directed the webseries Cv der mislukkingen (Cv of failures) and was co-inventor of the documentary series Vieze Film (Dirty Docs).

 Now at Metropolis, she produces a new online story every month, together with the editorial team in The Netherlands and local correspondents in twelve of the least developed countries.