Danai Sofia Vardali

, Freelancer


Danai is a freelance journalist, copywriter, social media and digital content manager, currently based in Athens, Greece. She has worked for and contributed as an editor to several magazines, websites, TV shows and publications in Greece (Vice, Kathimerini, Greece Is, Lifo, ET-3, Antenna), mostly focusing on culture, travel, arts and gastronomy. She has also collaborated as a press and communications consultant with different organisations and festivals, including Impact Hub Athens, the Greek Foundation, Reworks electronic music festival and Animasyros International Animation Festival & Agora, often working closely with local and international artists and actors of the creative economy. One of the more recent projects she has been involved in is the development of a new women's website in a attempt to redefine media norms, stereotypes as well as the use of a certain vocabulary around the representation of femininity in the Greek media and “women's issues” in general.