Alexandre Brachet & Thomas Deyries

Founder and Art Director, Upian


Founder and Art Director



Founded in 1998 as both a digital design studio and an interactive production company, over the years Upian has become increasingly focused on the creation and redesign of media sites (L'Equipe, Beaux Arts, Rue89, Radio France, Vogue, Slate, etc), and digital communication tools for institutions that wish to communicate with the general public about important social issues. For the last 10 years, Upian has also been an internationally recognized documentary film production company. It was actively involved in pioneering the web documentary both in France and at the international level.

Alexandre and Thomas will showcase and explain how they have worked with L'Equipe on France98, a program about the 20th anniversary of the World Cup victory dedicated for mobile phones.

25 June 2018

Powering Journalism with Design