David Gregory-Kumar

News correspondent, BBC


News correspondent



David Gregory-Kumar studied Physics with Philosophy at the University of Liverpool and after graduating stayed on to complete a Physics PhD. His research took him from Berlin to Milan but much of his time was spent on the nightshift at the Daresbury Laboratory outside Runcorn. After his PhD he won a prestigious British Association Media Fellowship which allowed him to experience reporting first hand. From there a part time job answering telephones at the BBC allowed him access to editors to pitch his story ideas as an enthusiastic freelance journalist.

Among his earliest reports, how people could access your office phone mailbox and listen to messages just by guessing a simple pin. The first ever reporting on what would become known as “phone hacking”

Eventually he managed to combine his love of science with his enjoyment of journalism and was appointed as science reporter to BBC Radio 5 Live and then to BBC News in the Midlands.

In the course of his science reporting he’s travelled to Japan, America, Ghana and twice to CERN. But much of his time is spent in the Midlands. Currently David also presents Farming Today on BBC Radio 4 where his scientific knowledge gives him an edge on explaining crop science and agricultural innovation. As well as TV and radio he also blogs and like all modern journalists he spends far too much time on Twitter. You can find him @DrDavidGK

7 October 2019

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