Hadjar Benmiloud

Founder, Vileine Academy


Hadjar founded the intersectional journalism magazine Vileine.com in 2016 which grew to be the largest feminist platform in the Benelux and coordinated 150 volunteers, 1000 articles and sold-out expert panel events, concluding in many new faces entering Dutch media through Vileine's extensive mentorship network. Vileine Magazine pivoted to Vileine Academy in 2019 to train new female investigative reporters for Dutch newsrooms, as well as consult partnering media on building lasting inclusivity and healthy representation. Hadjar has gained previous experience in journalism as a reporter, columnist, essayist, host, editor-in-chief, talent-coach & consultant for newspapers, online, radio & television outlets and journalism-focussed NGO's for over 14 years.

6 December 2019

Identity & Inclusion: Local News With Diverse Voices