Hannah Guy

PhD student,

PhD student


Hannah Guy is a 2nd year PhD student at Manchester Metropolitan University examining the role of images in the spread of disinformation on social media. She is a member of the Visual Social Media Lab, which is based at the Manchester School of Art and brings together interdisciplinary researchers interested in analysing social media images and online visual cultures. Prior to starting her PhD, Hannah undertook industry work in market research and completed MAs in Librarianship and Social Research at the University of Sheffield.

With Prof. Farida Vis, Prof. Safiya Umoja Noble, and Dr. Simon Faulker, she co-authored the chapter: “When Twitter got #woke: Black Lives Matter, DeRay McKesson, Twitter, and the Appropriation of the Aesthetics of Protest”, published in The Aesthetics of Global Protest: Visual Culture and Communication. Hannah's current project outside of her PhD explores visual and digital literacy in the context of Canadian schools.

15 November 2019

Covering Politics in the Misinformation Age