Lara Joannides

Creative Diversity Lead for 50:50 and News, BBC - 50:50 Project

BBC - 50:50 Project

Creative Diversity Lead for 50:50 and News



Lara Joannides is the BBC’s Creative Diversity Lead for 50:50 and News. Having led the award-winning 50:50 The Equality Project for the last two years, Lara now oversees a number of initiatives to ensure that BBC content fairly represents society as a whole. Prior to leading 50:50, Lara worked as a journalist for domestic and international News outlets across the BBC with a particular focus on reaching underserved audiences.

The 50:50 project is now being used by 120 organisations outside the BBC to drive cultural change – not just within the media industry and in news coverage, but in academia, public relations, law, fashion, recruitment, and in the corporate world.

23 September 2021

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6 December 2019

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