Sam Gregory

Program Director, WITNESS


Program Director



Sam Gregory is Program Director of WITNESS. Sam’s current work focuses on the threats and opportunities as emerging technologies such as AI intersect with disinformation, media manipulation, and rising authoritarianism. An expert on new forms of misinformation and disinformation as well as innovations in preserving trust and authenticity he leads WITNESS' global 'don't panic, prepare' work on emerging threats such as deepfakes ( and emerging solutions such as authenticity infrastructure and on new opportunities such as livestreamed and co-present storytelling for action and smartphone witnessing for human rights.

A former Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum (YGL 2012-17), he is on the Technology Advisory Board of the ICC, co-chairs the Partnership on AI’s Expert Group on AI and the Media and previously taught at the Harvard Kennedy School.civic participation via visual and social media.

WITNESS ( helps people use video and technology to defend human rights. Founded after the Rodney King incident, WITNESS has more than 25 years of experience in 100+ countries, supporting critical uses of video to secure accountability, reaching millions of people with skills and tools, engaging technology giants on how their technology makes a difference, and maximizing civic participation via visual and social media.

15 June 2021

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