Alan D. Abbey

Media ethics researcher, communications professional, and writer, Shalom Hartman Institute

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Media ethics researcher, communications professional, and writer



Alan D. Abbey (@alanabbey) is a media ethics researcher, communications professional, and writer. He is currently Director of Media at Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem and adjunct professor of journalism at National University of San Diego. He is a leading team member in the Online News Association’s Build-Your-Own Ethics Code project. His 2013 research project, “Reporting Jewish: Do Journalists Have the Tools to Succeed?”, was the basis of a joint project of the Hartman Institute and the American Jewish Press Association to redo the press group’s Code of Ethics. He is a lecturer on ethics for the YaLa Young Leaders Citizen Journalism Project, which trains young writers across the Middle East and North Africa region. Alan is the founding editor of, former Executive Vice President of Electronic Publishing at the Jerusalem Post, and former Executive Business Editor of the Albany Times Union. He is the author of Journey of Hope: The Story of Ilan Ramon, Israel’s First Astronaut.
31 March 2015

Verification, Investigation, and Digital Ethics

3 September 2015

The Value of Digital Innovation & Quality Journalism