Daniel Archer

Founder, Empathetic Media


Dan Archer, one of the pioneers in Virtual Reality journalism, is the founder of Empathetic Media, a virtual and augmented reality production studio. Archer is a 2016 Tow Fellow at Columbia University (investigating the metrics of empathy in VR), and was a 2014 Reynolds Journalism Institute Fellow and a 2011 Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford University. Empathetic Media has produced VR, AR,  360 video and graphic journalism pieces for Fusion, the BBC, CBC, Vice magazine, San Francisco Public Press, American Public Media, Truthout and PBS among others and was featured in the BBC’s Future of News Report, which came out in January 2015. Empathetic launched their own mobile augmented reality app,  ARc Stories, in May 2016 in conjunction with the Washington Post.

1 July 2016

New Tools, Immersive Storytelling & Engagement