Sébastien Bossi Croci

Head of Editorial Projects, Uxo


Head of Editorial Projects



Sébastien is head of editorial projects at Uxo, the company he cofounded in 2014. He won twice L'Equipe Explore Award, for best multimedia longform. He also tries to teach visual journalism at the CFJ and W schools. Sometimes, he works as a freelancer, notably for Le Monde, where he produces videos.

With Uxo, Sebastien develops and produces videos and non-scripted video series for medias.

As a side project, Sebastien wrote and published a book in 2014. Since then, he does talks in France and Europe focusing on individualized pedagogy, and how to take care of "gifted children".

Previously, he has been the editor in chief of Ijsberg, and 2K17, two media projects Uxo edited.

Ijsberg (2014-2016) was a french media focusing on news not happening in France. The media was divided into three main sections: Promptly, Calmly, and Slowly. Promptly for brief and fast consuming news, Calmly for medium length stories and slowly for longform and multimedia projects. Ijsberg has been awarded by the Google News Prize for innovative journalism in France.

2K17 was an ephemeral media focusing on the presidential election in France in 2017 for young and political unaware audiences (17 to 25yo). It gained 7 millions views in less than 6 months and reached more than 20 millions people.

He's got a bachelor degree from Lyon 3 university in Political Sciences, and Law, and he mastered in Political Sciences, focusing on International relations, Security and Defense, at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver (Canada). He is graduated from the CFJ, a well-known French journalism school.

25 June 2018

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