Erica Greene

Engineering Manager, Formerly at The New York Times


Erica Greene is a technologist who is passionate about building better software for journalists. At The New York Times, she experimented with using machine learning to scale comment moderation, which led to a collaboration with Alphabet’s Jigsaw group and the development of open source tooling to scale high-quality online discussions. She also worked on the Audience Development team at The Times, where she helped build a simple article-level dashboard for reporters and editors. Previously, she was a developer for the NYT Cooking site and a software engineer at Etsy. Erica also ran the Women in Tech group at The Times and helped launch a mentorship program for hundreds of members of the digital organization. She has a master’s degree in Computer Science from The University of Southern California and a bachelor's degree from Haverford College. She currently resides in Boston.

2 November 2017

The Future of News is Community