Nils Hanson

Editor-in-Chief of Uppdrag Granskning (Mission Investigate), Sveriges Television (SVT)

Sveriges Television (SVT)

Editor-in-Chief of Uppdrag Granskning (Mission Investigate)


Editor-in-chief of Uppdrag granskning (Mission Investigate) at public service company Swedish Television (SVT). The internationally successful investigative TV-program is aired prime time one hour a week, 39 times a year. Nils, a former award winning investigative reporter, has 35 people working with him producing the show. The programme makes stories with great impact on Swedish society and has also won many international awards since it started in 2001. Nils Hanson has decades of extensive experience in undertaking and managing advanced investigations. He regularly teaches investigative methods at conferences around the world and has written a book on the subject.

13 December 2016

Emotions and Digital Storytelling