Mark Lee Hunter

Adjunct Professor & Senior Research Fellow, INSEAD


Adjunct Professor & Senior Research Fellow


Mark Lee Hunter is an Adjunct Professor at the INSEAD Social Innovation Centre, and a founding member of the Stakeholder Media Project and the Global Investigative Journalism Network. His manuals for investigative reporters, Story-Based Inquiry (UNESCO 2009) and The Global Investigative Journalism Casebook (UNESCO 2012) are the most widely-distributed works in the history of their field. His other books include a case-cracking investigation of a murder that implicated the top ranks of the French government, and an inquiry into France’s extreme right party, the National Front, that included sitting on its education council as a declared observer. His most recent books, The Hidden Scenario and The Story Tells the Facts, focus on researching, structuring and composing fact-based narratives. His next book, on business models for stakeholder-driven media, will be published this summer. His articles have appeared in California Management Review, The New York Times Magazine, Columbia Journalism Review, Harvard International Journal of Press/Politics, Harper’s, The Washington Post, and many others. He won two Investigative Reporters and Editors Awards (for reporting and research on journalism), along with the Sigma Delta Chi Award for research on journalism, the H.L. Mencken Free Press Award for investigation of government abuses, the National Headliners and Clarion Awards for feature writing, and two EFMD Awards for case-writing on business issues.  His documentary on France’s alcohol lobby, Liquorgate (Arte), was selected for the FIPA international festival. When not working, he plays slide guitar in rock and Cajun bands.

The Stakeholder Media Project: Selected Bibliography


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12 May 2016

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