Chris O'Donnell

Producer/Director, BBC




Chris O’Donnell is a director and producer who’s worked in factual television at the BBC for over 10 years. He works across Documentary, History, Science and Business output. Over the last few years he’s explored life inside the global financial markets in Traders: Millions by the Minute, followed pioneering scientists for Horizon in Ebola: The Search for a Cure and had a crash course in global history for Andrew Marr’s History of the World. He’s collaborated with organisations ranging from the Metropolitan Police, Department of Justice and the NHS to Medicins Sans Frontieres, the US army and some of the most remote tribes on the planet.

Over his career, Chris has always had an interest in trialing technology to improve production and to find new ways to tell stories. In 2014 he worked with TED prize winner Dr Sarah Parcak as she searched for new evidence of the Viking expansion across the Atlantic through satellite archaeology. For Operation Grand Canyon he designed and commissioned a solar power system that could be built onto a whitewater boat to allow the large production team to travel the length of the canyon while filming a recreation of the original 19th century exploration. He's recently qualified as a drone pilot with early assignments including filming self-driving car prototypes and the famous Dippy the Dinosaur in London's natural history museum.

Chris joined the Invisibles team to work with ScanLab Projects on the Invisible Rome VR Experience and then went on to produce the 360 video content for the follow up series Italy's Invisible Cities as well as the Venice episode for BBC1. 

Chris is currently working a long term documentary project with the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office for BBC2

23 May 2017

Spotlight on the Mediterranean