Mattia Peretti

Project Manager, European Journalism Centre


Mattia is Project Manager at the European Journalism Centre, where he leads the News Impact Summit series. He has been with the EJC in Maastricht since early 2015.

25 June 2018

Powering Journalism with Design

2 November 2017

The Future of News is Community

11 September 2017

Methods and Tools for Digital Journalism

4 December 2017

A Year is a Long Time in Politics

23 May 2017

Spotlight on the Mediterranean

6 February 2017

Covering Elections - A Global Perspective

13 December 2016

Emotions and Digital Storytelling

14 October 2016

Digital Journalism Practice: Social Media, Data and Best Way to Tell Stories

26 September 2016

Personalisation, Immersive Experience & Digital Transformation of News

12 May 2016

Trolls, Corruption, Falsehood: Reporting 'Truth' in the Digital Age

4 March 2016

Covering Human Stories: Formats, Newsgathering and Storytelling

25 April 2016

Newsroom Innovation & Digital Transformation: Data, Impact and Collaboration

30 May 2016

The Future of Digital Journalism: Focus on Mobile, Digital and Verification Strategies

1 July 2016

New Tools, Immersive Storytelling & Engagement