Giulio Rubino

Co-founder, Correct!v & IRPI


Giulio Rubino is co-founder of the Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI), a centre for investigative journalism based in Italy and is a reporter with Correct!v, a centre for investigative journalism based in Berlin.

He has a masters degree in journalism from the University of Rome. He has written for Italian publications such as Terra, Il Manifesto and Carta. In 2011 he co-authored Toxic Europe (with Cecilia Anesi and the Belgian journalist Delphine Reuter), an investigative journalism documentary that won the 2011 Best International Organised Crime Report Award and was shortlisted for the Data Journalism award 2012. He now works on transnational investigations such as Food For Fraud, which has been published in the Guardian. Giulio has recently co-signed the investigation Mafia in Africa, produced by IRPI and ANCIR, African Centre for Investigative Reporting, and published by Correct!v, the Mail&Guardian,, l’Espresso and Courier International. This January he has co-signed the Correct!v’s investigation Hidden Fleet, that unveiled a network of Syrian traffickers using the Mediterranean Sea as a highway to smuggle migrants, weapons and hashish. Giulio writes – with Cecilia Anesi and Margherita Bettoni – on Correct!v ‘s Mafia Blog, a blog on the Italian mafias in the world.

4 March 2016

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