Marina Sapia

International Desk Coordinator, RaiNews24


International Desk Coordinator



Marina Sapia has been coordinator at RaiNews International desk for the past 7 years. Previously she has been covering United States and Africa, including 2012 US election, JPII’s death and the ensuing Conclave.

In May 2014 she travelled to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba with the US Joint Task Force to produce an exclusive 26 minutes documentary, “Inside Gtmo”.

In November 2015 she explored migrants routes from Africa to Europe through Niger. The final report included an analysis of terrorism threats in the region, from Al Qaeda groups to Isis and Boko Haram.

Marina started her career at The Associated Press Television, covering Italy, the Vatican and travelling all around Europe.

Previously she was enrolled in a master program on Radio and TV journalism at the RAI-Italian Public Television School of Journalism. In 1995 she experienced radio journalism at Radio Città Futura and she went on with internships at Italian daily Il Messaggero, Rai Tg3 and RaiNews24.

Marina was born and raised in Italy. She studied Mass Communication and African politics at the University of Bologna and got her degree with a field research about Media Development in Rwanda.

She is also lecturer in International Journalism at Rai Tv School of Journalism in Perugia and IFG in Urbino.

In November 2013 she was selected by the US State Department for the International Visitor Leadership Program in Washington, New York, Indianapolis, Seattle and Miami.

In April 2017 she joined a Leaders Fellowship program at CNN headquarters in Atlanta.

23 May 2017

Spotlight on the Mediterranean