Tom Trewinnard

Product Developer, Meedan


Product Developer



Tom Trewinnard is the Program Manager at Meedan, a social technology non-profit working on the Checkdesk project to develop collaborative verification tools and open training curricula.Tom leads Meedan’s participation in the First Draft Coalition, a group of thought leaders and pioneers in social media journalism launched by Google News Lab in 2015. Tom has moderated panels on digital journalism at Personal Democracy Forum and the Prix Italia, and convened a daylong pre-conference workshop for MENA-region journalists and digital rights activists at the Stockholm Internet Forum 2015. Tom has worked extensively with journalists in some of the leading newsrooms of the Middle East and Europe, as well as with citizen journalists from around the world, to research eyewitness media and lead training in verification skills. Tom curates the verification and viral debunk newsletter The Checklist.

30 May 2016

The Future of Digital Journalism