Francesca Tripodi

Sociologist & Media Scholar, Data & Society Research Institute

Data & Society Research Institute

Sociologist & Media Scholar



Francesca Tripodi is a sociologist who studies how participatory media perpetuates systems of inequality. In her dissertation, she developed a theoretical matrix to analyze how expression is obscured through algorithmic and social processes (avoidance, harassment, reappropriation, and deletion). As a postdoctoral scholar at Data & Society, Francesca will study how partisan groups interact with media and the role community plays in legitimating what constitutes news and information. Following her work at Data & Society, Francesca will join the Sociology & Anthropology Department at James Madison University as a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Sociology. Francesca received her PhD from the University of Virginia where she was also a Digital Humanities Fellow at the Scholar’s Lab. More information on her research and publications can be found at her website

2 November 2017

The Future of News is Community