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Corinne van Duin has a vast experience in the Dutch magazine making business. She started out a travel editor for a traditional glossy in 1996. Not necessarily the best way to get involved in the editorial team in Amsterdam. But certainly the best way to get inspired by the rest of the world.

Since then she took her role as editor in chief. Dutch newspaper group De Telegraaf wanted to start a women's lifestyle magazine in 2001 and assigned Corinne for this job. This fresh title with a cheeky, upbeat tone of voice and stylish photography was a succeas for years. She was awarded a Mercur Award: Launch of the Year 2001.
Later she was asked by big publishing house Sanoma to put some of her energy and cheerfulness in their weekly magazines. Eventually she became the editor of the large women’s weekly Viva in 2008. The online presence of this title was (is) enormous. Sanoma let her pioneer with publishing on then a brand new device: the iPad. Viva was the first women's weekly with an iPad only issue in 2010. For this Viva won international acclaim and prizes.
In 2012 she started as the editor in chief at the weekly Saturday supplement of quality newspaper De Volkskrant: Volkskrant Magazine. With a circulation of 300.000 and a readership of almost a million, this is her biggest title so far. She gave the magazine a major rejuvenation and restyling. It is now a both a beautiful & relevant magazine and a commercial success.

30 October 2015

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