News Impact Summit - 6 December 2019


Identity & Inclusion: Local News With Diverse Voices

Identity & Inclusion: Local News With Diverse Voices

On Friday 6 December, the News Impact Summit will land in Munich to discuss diversity and inclusion in the newsrooms and the news.

As research shows, news consumption is increasingly focused on national media. Local news organisations will continue to fight for new ways to survive and connect with audiences in 2019. There are innovative projects at the local level that are not only thriving but have become champions for diversity and inclusion in journalism. At this Summit, we will present initiatives that are reaching underserved communities by innovating with social media. Some are building platforms to fight misinformation. Others are investing in diverse teams and new storytelling formats to talk about, and challenge, stereotypes of poverty, discrimination and gender.

This event is organised by the European Journalism Centre and powered by the Google News Initiative. Free entrance.

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